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Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

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The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission provides safe and efficient river crossings between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Stretching roughly 140 miles from the Philadelphia/Bucks County, Pa. boundary northward to the New Jersey/New York state line, the Commission’s jurisdiction encompasses a diverse geographic region featuring bustling cities, quaint river villages, and scenic portions of the Delaware River where nature’s beauty abounds. Committed to moving job commuters, commercial freight carriers, pedestrians and recreationists, the Commission strives to deliver quality customer service, sound fiscal management, and dependable ground-transportation facilities for the growing bi-state river region.

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Contract No. TS-590A
08/31/2021 06:00 PM UTC
Contract No. T-519A
06/02/2021 06:00 PM UTC
Contract No. T-719A
Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge Facility Westbound Toll Plaza Roadway and NJ Approach Repairs
02/23/2021 07:00 PM UTC
Contract No. T-730A
Southern Operations and Maintenance Facilities Improvements Trenton Morrisville Salt Operations
03/05/2020 07:00 PM UTC
Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge Salt Storage Building The Scope of Work for this project includes, but is not limited to, site clearing, relocating storm drainage lines and inlets, site preparation, curb installation, milling and paving, constructing a new salt storage building including electrical service and lighting installation.
03/28/2019 06:00 PM UTC
New Hope - Lambertville Toll Bridge Salt Storage Building The existing Salt Storage Building at the New Hope - Lambertville Toll Bridge Operations Facility in the Township of Solebury, Bucks County, Pennsylvania is adjacent to a Storage Garage and is to be replaced with a new 500 Ton Salt Storage Building in the field to the west of the existing salt storage building. The Storage Garage is to be demolished and the existing salt storage building shall have the roof and siding replaced.
02/28/2019 07:00 PM UTC
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