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Midland County Road Commission

2334 N. Meridian Rd., Sanford, MI 48657
(989) 687-9060

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EGLE 20-1745 Kent Rd Bridge over Jo Drain
Removal of existing bridge, construction of new bridge using geosyntheticallly reinforced soil abutments, and precast concrete substructure, precast prestressed concrete box beams with reinforced concrete deck. Project also includes use of tire derived aggregate in several items.
06/25/2024 04:00 PM UTC
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Closed Solicitations

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2022-10 Geotextiles & Erosion Control
Supplying Geotextile Materials including: -Rip Rap Liner -High Strength Polypropylene -Erosion Control Materials
03/01/2022 07:00 PM UTC
2022-11 Precast Concrete Deck Panel System
Precast Concrete Deck Panel System
03/01/2022 07:00 PM UTC
2022-12 Chip Seal Program
Chip Seal / Fog Seal Application Estimated 29 Miles, to include both Primary and Local Roads
03/01/2022 07:00 PM UTC
2022-13 Overband Crack Fill and HMA Crack Treatment
Overband Crack Fill -Estimated +/- 40 Roadbed Miles as shown on map. -Additional projects throughout the county as agreed upon between contractor and the Road Commission.
03/01/2022 07:00 PM UTC
2022-14 Micro-Surface Program
Micro-Surface Application
03/01/2022 07:00 PM UTC
Large Culvert Supply
Supplying and delivering the following types and sizes of culvert: Laporte Rd over Ryan Drain – 72” Diameter, 40 FT Long, Aluminized Type II Poseyville Rd over Kent Drain – 117” x 79” Elliptical, 60 FT Long, Aluminized Type II Poseyville Rd over Franklin Drain – 128” x 83” Elliptical, 50 FT Long, Aluminized Type II Lewis Rd over Bickerton Drain – 142” x 91” Elliptical, 72 FT Long, Aluminized Type II
03/01/2022 07:00 PM UTC
2022-08 Pavement Markings
Pavement Markings, County-wide
03/01/2022 07:00 PM UTC
2022-07 Emulsions
Spray Patch Mix Emulsion
03/01/2022 07:00 PM UTC
2022-06 Cold Patch
Supplying and delivering Cold Patch Materials
03/01/2022 07:00 PM UTC
Stock Room Shelving and Cabinets
Supplying and installing shelving units and cabinets meeting the specifications included with this advertisement. These shelving units and cabinets will be installed for the parts stock room at the Midland County Road Commission office located in Sanford, MI.
02/25/2022 07:00 PM UTC
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