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Norton Road at Kropp Road / Grove City Road Roundabout, FRA-CR3-5.64, PID 111796, DBE Goal = 8% Upgrading 0.25 miles of Norton Road, 0.13 miles of Kropp Road, and 0.14 miles of Grove City Road by converting the intersection from a two-way stop-controlled intersection to a single lane modern roundabout. The project will improve drainage, pavement, traffic control items, and street lighting. Engineer's Estimate = $2,865,234.82
12/13/2022 03:00 PM UTC
Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road & Havens Road Roundabout, FRA-CR6-5.34, PID 111077, DBE Goal = 8% The project will include the construction of a 2X1 multi-lane modern roundabout at the intersection of Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road (C.R.6) & Havens Road (T203). The project also includes improving the drainage, installing street lighting, and rehabilitation of the bridge on the east leg of the intersection. Engineer's Estimate = $6,462,300.00
11/08/2022 03:00 PM UTC
2023 Franklin County Traffic Signal Maintenance Contract On-call maintenance of electronic traffic control equipment within unincorporated Franklin County, Ohio. ENGINEER'S ESTIMATE: $698,573
11/01/2022 02:00 PM UTC
Jefferson Township Maintenance Facility Site Development, EBE Goal: 5% General site plan improvements for the proposed construction of a 48'x80' storage building (to be constructed by others). Improvements include construction of new storm sewers, storm water detention basin, and new pavement. Site plan will include a provision for future parking area per requirements of Jefferson Township Zoning. No engineer's estimate will be posted with this project.
09/08/2022 02:00 PM UTC
Rohr Road at London-Groveport Road (SR-317) Roundabout, FRA-317-5.09, PID 109493, DBE Goal: 8%. Roadway improvements along 0.41 miles of Rohr Rd and 0.33 miles of SR-317 including a roundabout, drainage improvements, culvert replacement, and new lighting. ENGINEER'S ESTIMATE = $4,030,403.94
08/18/2022 02:00 PM UTC
Mobility Traffic Signals - Installing new signal installation at three intersections: Hilliard & Rome Road at Beacon Hill Road, Gantz Road at Dyer Road, and Pontius Road at Rohr Road. EBE Goal 12% ENGINEER'S ESTIMATE: $678,189.50
08/02/2022 02:30 PM UTC
Ferris Road at Walford Street Mini-Roundabout, FRA-CR172-0.75, PID 113730, DBE Goal 7%, Upgrading 0.06 miles of Ferris Rd. and 0.06 miles of Walford St. by constructing a mini-roundabout that includes improved drainage, pedestrian facilities, and street lighting. Engineer's Estimate = $636,532.00
06/16/2022 02:00 PM UTC
2022 Franklin County Township Resurfacing Program - upgrading various sections of Franklin County township roadways with asphalt resurfacing and aggregate berm material. DBE Goal 6% Engineer's Estimate $3,640,573.90
06/02/2022 06:00 PM UTC
Sunbury Rd 0.02 over Argyle-Woodland Run (MIF-CR8-0.02) - EBE goal 8% Improvement of 0.03 miles of Sunbury Rd and rehabilitation of the existing bridge by replacement and widening of the existing concrete slab over a sandstone arch (to remain). The project will provide additional width for roadway and a future sidewalk along Sunbury Road and Woodward Avenue. Work also includes construction of a retaining wall, full depth pavement replacement, curb & gutter, and guardrail. ENG ESTIMATE = $1,288,409.70
05/31/2022 06:00 PM UTC
2022 Franklin County Resurfacing Program upgrading 16.388 miles of various Franklin County roadways, detailed within; with asphalt resurfacing and aggregate berm material. ENG ESTIMATE $5,392,059.95
05/12/2022 06:00 PM UTC
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