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Jefferson Township Maintenance Facility Site Development, EBE Goal: 5% General site plan improvements for the proposed construction of a 48'x80' storage building (to be constructed by others). Improvements include construction of new storm sewers, storm water detention basin, and new pavement. Site plan will include a provision for future parking area per requirements of Jefferson Township Zoning. No engineer's estimate will be posted with this project.
09/08/2022 02:00 PM UTC
Rohr Road at London-Groveport Road (SR-317) Roundabout, FRA-317-5.09, PID 109493, DBE Goal: 8%. Roadway improvements along 0.41 miles of Rohr Rd and 0.33 miles of SR-317 including a roundabout, drainage improvements, culvert replacement, and new lighting. ENGINEER'S ESTIMATE = $4,030,403.94
08/18/2022 02:00 PM UTC
Mobility Traffic Signals - Installing new signal installation at three intersections: Hilliard & Rome Road at Beacon Hill Road, Gantz Road at Dyer Road, and Pontius Road at Rohr Road. EBE Goal 12% ENGINEER'S ESTIMATE: $678,189.50
08/02/2022 02:30 PM UTC
Ferris Road at Walford Street Mini-Roundabout, FRA-CR172-0.75, PID 113730, DBE Goal 7%, Upgrading 0.06 miles of Ferris Rd. and 0.06 miles of Walford St. by constructing a mini-roundabout that includes improved drainage, pedestrian facilities, and street lighting. Engineer's Estimate = $636,532.00
06/16/2022 02:00 PM UTC
2022 Franklin County Township Resurfacing Program - upgrading various sections of Franklin County township roadways with asphalt resurfacing and aggregate berm material. DBE Goal 6% Engineer's Estimate $3,640,573.90
06/02/2022 06:00 PM UTC
Sunbury Rd 0.02 over Argyle-Woodland Run (MIF-CR8-0.02) - EBE goal 8% Improvement of 0.03 miles of Sunbury Rd and rehabilitation of the existing bridge by replacement and widening of the existing concrete slab over a sandstone arch (to remain). The project will provide additional width for roadway and a future sidewalk along Sunbury Road and Woodward Avenue. Work also includes construction of a retaining wall, full depth pavement replacement, curb & gutter, and guardrail. ENG ESTIMATE = $1,288,409.70
05/31/2022 06:00 PM UTC
2022 Franklin County Resurfacing Program upgrading 16.388 miles of various Franklin County roadways, detailed within; with asphalt resurfacing and aggregate berm material. ENG ESTIMATE $5,392,059.95
05/12/2022 06:00 PM UTC
Amlin Area Infrastructure Parts 1 & 2. EBE Goal 10%. Part 1: Improving 0.20 miles of Rings Road from Cosgray Road to the CSX Railroad tracks by installing new storm sewer, asphalt resurfacing, and sidewalk on the north side of the roadway. Part 2: Improving 0.28 miles of Rings Road from the CSX Railroad tracks to Churchman Road roundabout by installing new storm sewer, full depth asphalt, curb and gutter, sidewalks, street lighting, and street trees. New drainage and alley reconstruction is provided on the north side of Rings Road. The project will also replace the CSX at-grade railroad crossing to accommodate vehicles and pedestrians. ENGINEER'S ESTIMATE : $2,978,854.00
04/26/2022 02:00 PM UTC
Elliott Road & Hayden Run Road Drainage Improvement Project Drainage improvements along Hayden Run Road and Elliott Road, including repairing and replacing failed drainage systems along the existing Joseph Carr Ditch (JCARR), and building 2.95 miles of new storm sewer and ditch on a new alignment. EBE GOAL: 8% ENG ESTIMATE: $3,346,843.80
04/05/2022 05:00 PM UTC
Clark State Road Curve Improvement. EBE Goal: 6%. Improving 0.13 miles of Clark State Road by installing an outlet for existing roadside drainage, constructing a full depth pavement repair, and performing resurfacing and shoulder reconditioning. ENGINEER'S ESTIMATE: $171,210.00
04/05/2022 02:30 PM UTC
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