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Avon Lake Regional Water

201 Miller Road, Avon Lake, OH 44012
(440) 933-6226

Avon Lake Regional Water is a progressive water and wastewater utility in Avon Lake, Ohio. Our mission is to provide the region with quality water services. We provide water services to over 200,000 residents living in the seven-county area surrounding Avon Lake and sanitary sewer services to about 30,000 residents living in Avon Lake and parts of Lorain County. Strategically located on the shores of Lake Erie, Avon Lake Regional Water is able to supply the area’s growing need for high quality drinking water. Governed by an independent body elected by the residents of Avon Lake, the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities establishes policy and oversees the organization’s operations.

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Bi-Annual Supplies Bid for Avon Lake Regional Water's Distribution and Collection Systems.
08/09/2022 04:00 PM UTC
Avon Lake Regional Water's Bi-Annual Chemical Bid for 2022-2023, for Hydroflurosilicic Acid only.
07/08/2022 04:00 PM UTC
Avon Lake Regional Water's Bi-Annual Chemical Bid for 2022-2023.
06/30/2022 04:00 PM UTC
36” PVC WATER TRANSMISSION PIPE MATERIALS BID (2022) Avon Lake Regional Water material bid for 36 inch diameter water transmission pipe.
02/28/2022 05:00 PM UTC
Avon Lake Regional Water 2022 Project Bundle
01/27/2022 05:00 PM UTC
Installation of mixing equipment at the Spieth Road potable water tanks, interior and exterior cleaning of the tanks, and exterior repairs to the tanks.
10/11/2021 04:00 PM UTC
Avon Lake Regional Water Additional Storage Building
10/08/2021 04:00 PM UTC
Avon Lake Regional Water's Annual Chemical Bid for 2021-2022 Rebid
09/16/2021 04:00 PM UTC
Annual Supplies Bid for the Avon Lake Regional Water Distribution and Collection System
09/14/2021 04:00 PM UTC
Avon Lake Regional Water's Annual Chemical Bid for 2021-2022
08/30/2021 04:00 PM UTC
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