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OSU- 190127 Water Meter Back Flow Preventerw Solicitation (24)
This project will install a back flow preventers at the two main City of Columbus domestic water meters. (1) Intersection of Lane and Olentangy River Road (2) Intersection of John Herrick Drive and Olentangy River Road
03/10/2021 07:30 PM UTC
OSU-210094 Oxley's By The Numbers Plaza Phase 2
This project is the second phase of the plaza renovation.
03/11/2021 07:30 PM UTC
OSU-190877, Parks - Room 345 Renovation
OSU Main Campus: The project includes the renovation of Suite 335 and 345 in Parks Hall for the College of Pharmacy, approximately 3,400 square feet. The work includes selective interior demolition, abatement, and infrastructure demolition for the renovation of new research laboratories and support spaces. Scope of work includes new interior partitions, finishes, HVAC infrastructure upgrades, power/data distribution and lighting associated with the renovated spaces, new and modified plumbing associated with the renovated spaces.
03/23/2021 06:00 PM UTC
OSU-200101 West Campus Infrastructure Phase 1 BID PACKAGE 2
This project will provide infrastructure to support building projects in the west campus area, including WMC West Campus Ambulatory Facilities, Energy Advancement and Innovation Center, and the Interdisciplinary Research Facility. Improvements include additional vehicular lanes, modified/new intersection signalization, surface parking lots, and internal access roads. Utility work includes sanitary sewer, stormwater and water service extension.
03/26/2021 04:00 AM UTC
OSU-200548, MMP Tower HVAC Plan
The project consists of finish refresh, minor alterations for accessibility improvements, and HVAC AHU replacement and controls updates for the 11th floor of the existing Martha Morehouse Outpatient Care Tower. The AHU serving this floor is in the 12th Floor Mechanical Penthouse.
03/26/2021 06:00 PM UTC
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OSU-190128 Envelope Modernization
This project will restore plazas and envelopes. McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion, Physical Activity and Education Services Recreation and Physical Activity Center
02/25/2021 07:00 PM UTC
OSU-190512, Dodd - Window Replacement
Removal and replacement of existing windows and interior sills on the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth floors. Work includes selective demolition and repair of interior partitions, sills, and soffits to accommodate new window systems and sills.
02/22/2021 07:00 PM UTC
OSU-200604, Wooster - Selby Hall Elevator Replacement
OSU Wooster: The work consists of the modernization of the existing hydraulic elevator and machinery, as well as associated electrical and mechanical work, including the addition of a rooftop package unit for conditioning of the 3rd level machine room. Repairs to the hoistway masonry, along with associated flashing and coping repair are included as an alternate. Interior car finish upgrades are also included as an alternate.
01/12/2021 07:00 PM UTC
OSU-170719, Canfield - Loading Dock
Canfield – Loading Dock The Work includes complete demolition of the existing loading dock service elevator, expansion of exterior loading dock area: to add ramp, widen stair, relocate existing dumpsters, and provide new screen walls to improve exterior aesthetics and wayfinding at Canfield Hall. Minor remodeling alterations of interior spaces include: widening of existing basement door, limited existing corridor finishes, and adding a second door to existing supply room located in the Basement Floor of the Canfield Hall, an existing residence hall at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
01/06/2021 07:00 PM UTC
OSU-190126 Water Meter Installation FY2019
This project will install domestic cold water meters. Multiple locations on OSU Main Campus
01/05/2021 06:00 PM UTC
OSU-190221, 2001 Polaris - Roof Replacement P2
Work includes coating of metal roof panels and parapets along with miscellaneous exterior and interior work, located at 2001 Polaris Parkway, Columbus Ohio 43240.
12/17/2020 07:00 PM UTC
OSU-180938, Baker Systems - Room 480 Renovation (REBID)
Complete renovation of room 480 of Baker Systems Building on the Columbus Campus of OSU. Work includes demolition of all architectural finishes, partitions and ceilings. Installation of all new partitions, finishes and ceilings per drawings. Demolish existing MEPT systems in Room 480 and provide new systems per drawings.
12/15/2020 07:00 PM UTC
OSU-190783, Morrill Tower - Fire Alarm Replacement
The work consists of the removal and replacement of existing fire alarm systems in Morrill Tower with new, addressable systems, replacement of the resident advisor intercom system, and addition of a building DAS (distributed antenna system). Related work includes the addition of a fire command center on the first floor, hazardous materials abatement related directly to the scope of work in the contract documents other than the resident sleeping rooms, and patching/painting of walls at removed equipment. Provide overall project management and coordination with the abatement contractor efforts in the resident dormitory pods.
12/11/2020 06:00 PM UTC
OSU-190875, Riffe - Room 647 Renovation
The renovation of a 1175 SF of existing labs and mechanical room to accommodate owner provided equipment. Project includes relocation of two sinks and upgrades to architectural finishes and mechanical, electrical and lab gases. Coordination with owner provided equipment and casework required.
12/08/2020 07:00 PM UTC
OSU-200493, Doan - IT Room Life & Safety
Doan Hall, 410 W. 10th Ave: This project will include upgrading the HVAC and lighting systems in the 45’s series IT rooms Doan Hall.
12/01/2020 07:00 PM UTC
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