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Snow Removal Equipment at Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport
Procurement of two (2) Multi-Tasking Snow Removal Vehicles for airfield snow removal. Project includes procurement and preparation for delivery, field testing, startup and operations and maintenance training. The engineer's estimate is approximately $1.9 million.
09/12/2023 02:00 PM UTC
Parking Structures Restoration 2023
Project Description & other pertinent details: The restoration project consists of the following scope of work at the Port Lawrence and Superior Parking Structures: Port Lawrence: structural concrete repairs, replacement of joint sealants, expansion joint replacement and repairs, removal and installation of traffic coatings, and repainting of pavement markings. Superior: structural concrete repairs and replacement of floor drains. The engineer's estimate for both structures is approximately $328,100.00. Alternate 1 allowance is $25,000.00. The total approximate estimate is $353,100.00.
08/10/2023 02:00 PM UTC
One Government Center Plaza Repairs
Project Description & other pertinent details: The One Government Center Plaza Repairs project consists of: plaza waterproofing replacement and structural concrete repairs. Demolition includes the removal and storage of existing granite pavers, removal of existing concrete fill and stamped wear slabs, and removal of existing waterproofing system in designated areas. A new waterproofing and drainage system will be installed on top of the existing structural slab with a new concrete fill slab and reinstallation of existing stored granite pavers on new mortar setting bed. Structural concrete slab, beam, and wall repairs will be completed at the truck loading dock below the plaza level. Installation of joint and cover sealants, traffic topping, plumbing, and electrical work. The project includes an alternate to install a new stamped concrete wear slab in lieu of reinstalling the existing pavers.
04/20/2023 03:00 PM UTC
Rehabilitation of West General Aviation Apron at Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport
Project Description & other pertinent details: The proposed project at Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport (TOL) includes the rehabilitation of roughly 345,000 square feet of bituminous asphalt pavement with grade correction on the West General Aviation Apron as well as the relocation and construction of a new taxiway connector, roughly 69,000 square feet of new bituminous asphalt pavement. Modification to existing drainage infrastructure and structures adjacent to the West General Aviation Apron is also included to combat soil erosion. Project phasing has been established to enable safe integration of construction and continuous aircraft operations during the project. The project will be part of a federal grant with the anticipated schedule permitting construction of the new taxiway connector in the fall of calendar year 2023 (45 days) with the remainder of work to resume in the spring of calendar year 2024 (49 days). The engineer’s opinion of probable construction cost for the project is $5,296,000.
04/18/2023 02:00 PM UTC
Exterior Restoration at Two Maritime Plaza, Toledo OH
Project Description & other pertinent details: The Exterior Restoration project consists of: Cleaning exterior brick and stone surfaces. Remove and replace caulk. Repair exterior concrete, stone, and brick surfaces. Repointing concrete, stone, brick, and terracotta coping. Clean and paint louvers. Sealing and waterproofing concrete, stone, and brick surfaces, all as noted in the bid drawings.
03/28/2023 05:00 PM UTC
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