Bid Express Home Tab

The Bid Express Home tab is available to both owner-agencies and vendors.  

The Home tab is the first page you see when logging into the Bid Express service. When you log in for the first time after registering your account, enter your password in the Password field and click activate.  The Bid Express service displays the Home tab. Before you can use the Bid Express system for advertising or responding to solicitations, there are items that need to be completed:

The three short lines in the upper left corner is the Global Navigation menu. Click this icon to access other services or your account information. You can also use this menu to log out of the Bid Express service.

Vendor Home Page

The vendor Home page includes a calendar of important dates and list of agencies that have registered with the Bid Express service. Click on an agency name to see the agency's general information or to sign up for email notifications. You can only sign up for email notifications if you are a monthly subscriber.

Once you've selected a solicitation for bidding, the calendar displays the solicitation deadlines. Click on the solicitation number to see the details of the event.

Use the left and right arrows next to the month to scroll the calendar to the previous or next month.