A secure Internet bidding and proposal service that manages construction and general procurement solicitations.

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For Agencies

Receive digitally-signed bids and proposals on-line

Bids are sealed, secure and include bid bond verifications.

Minimize discarding bids with mistakes

No more throwing away the low bid due to a technicality.

Get instant bid tabs, ranked results, exportable reports

Open bids with a quick click and access easy-to-read screens and reports with the details.

Reduce paper waste

Stop printing bid packets and plans, guessing how many you’ll need and throwing away the waste.

Save your vendors time and money

Vendors pay per bid or subscribe - either way it’s cheaper than an overnight package delivery.

For Vendors

Automatic error checking

Overt system alerts mean you will stop losing bids due to simple avoidable errors.

Alerts to omissions

You'll know if something is missing and you can decide to add it or submit anyway.

Eliminate costs for hand and hired delivery

Stop wasting gas, time away from the office or payments for a courier. Click to submit your bid instead.

Easily accommodate last minute changes and price cuts

Open your bid, make a change to an item price and re-submit. The service does all of the math for you instantly.

Get notifications

Never miss another opportunity when you get email notifications per agency and/or by NIGP code.

Why choose Infotech, Inc. for Internet bidding?

  • Experienced

    Since 1997, we have processed more than 300,000 bids worth over $1 trillion, with 100% owner-agency satisfaction (2014 survey).
  • Secure

    The Infotech Digital ID, encryption technology and our Infotech Express Sign Tool allow for a sealed and secure Internet bid submission.
  • Flexible

    With a convenient solicitation builder, owner-agencies customize any type of bid form for all types of solicitations, minimizing vendor mistakes and eliminating manual reporting.
  • Simple

    Designed for easy use and quick setup, implementations can be days to weeks instead of months.
  • Affordable

    Whether you choose an agency-pay or vendor-pay model, the fees for the Bid Express service are affordable for any size budget.