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Kraus-Anderson Construction Company

501 South Eighth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 332-7281

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White Bear Lake ALC 2023 LTFM Improvements - RE-BID
The overall project consists of selective demolition, bathroom remodels, roof patching, metal stairs, new Chiller Enclosure, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing improvements and associated interior finishes. The work will be constructed in accordance with the Project Schedule. Project Manager : AJ Lillesve Project Coordinator : Taylor Becker
12/07/2022 08:00 PM UTC
Chaska Middle School East Renovation
The overall project consists of 113,000 SF of a two (2) summer construction project where the majority of the school mechanical systems will be replaced. Along with the mechanical and electrical renovation, several architectural scopes such as flooring, ceilings, and paint will be completed. Project Manager: Scott Clancy Phone: 763-453-5466 Senior Project Coordinator: Rachel Struckman Phone: 612-255-2378
12/08/2022 08:00 PM UTC
Meadow Lake Elementary School - LTFM 2023
Project involves paving replacement and repair, partial re-roofing, emergency lighting re-powering, wood shop and auto shop renovations and HVAC equipment replacement. Josh Carr - 612-718-6756 Joy Stark -
12/13/2022 08:00 PM UTC
Edina High School 2023 Mech. Renovations
The work includes the extensive mechanical and electrical system replacement, interior renovations of classrooms/cafeteria spaces, locker room renovations, bathroom upgrades.
12/20/2022 08:00 PM UTC
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MAPS Early Childhood
The overall project consists of a partial interior remodel of the school & minor site work. Project Manager: Josh Carr 612-718-6756 Project Coordinator: Shanna Haney
04/12/2022 07:00 PM UTC
RAMS - Music Area - 2022 LTFM
Roseville Area Middle School - Music Area: This portion of the project consists of interior demolition and improvements, mechanical and electrical upgrades, and roof patching.
04/05/2022 07:00 PM UTC
WBL ALC Renovation
The overall project consists of renovations of existing space to create like skills classroom and group learning area. Work includes demolition of existing space, drywall, paint, tile, new ceilings, glass partitions, mechanical and electrical work
03/31/2022 07:00 PM UTC
Faribault County Courthouse Improvements
The overall project consists of a PHASED replacement of the HVAC System, including but not limited to, new AHUs, new boilers, associated duct work and piping, controls, and structural improvements to accommodate the equipment. Also including – demolition, carpentry(including historic preservation), drywall, ceiling, lighting, life safety. Project Manager: Jake Boerboon 612-221-1778 Project Coordinator: Rachel Struckman 612-255-2378
03/24/2022 07:00 PM UTC
WBLHS AV & Technology Package - North Campus
The overall project consists of AV/Technology packages for the 59,000 SF of Gym Renovations, 157,000 SF of Existing Building Renovations, 379,000 SF of New Construction. Project Managers : AJ Lillesve Phone: 612-332-7281 Alex Titterud Phone: 612-332-7281 Project Coodinator : Taylor Becker
03/03/2022 08:00 PM UTC
WBL Multi-Building AV Technology
The overall project consists of new audio and visual system per plan and specification for White Bear Lake Area Schools, ISD 624 for White Bear Lake South Campus High School AND Otter Lake Elementary School. The work will be constructed in accordance with the Project Schedules.
02/24/2022 08:00 PM UTC
Stonebridge Elementary School - 2022 LTFM Improvements
This project consists of renovations to the kitchen/cafeteria, media center and restroom. Renovations include, but are not limited to, interior partitions, casework, flooring, and lighting improvements.
02/22/2022 08:00 PM UTC
Oak-Land Middle School - 2022 LTFM Improvements
The overall project consists of renovations to the existing swimming pool and surrounding space including lockers, mechanical upgrades and tile replacement.
02/08/2022 08:00 PM UTC
Mounds View Parking Lot
This project consists of parking lot remodel and street improvements.
02/08/2022 08:00 PM UTC
WBL New Elementary Hugo - Intersection
This project involves: The modification of Highway 61 at 152nd Street N. Modifications include the widening of Highway 61 at 152nd Street intersection, installation of traffic light at 152nd street, sidewalks, curbs and drainage improvements.
02/03/2022 08:00 PM UTC
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