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Bowling Green State University offers a transforming and defining educational experience for its diverse community of nearly 20,000 students. BGSU provides a high-quality education that integrates personal growth, academic excellence and an environment that expands students’ thinking and potential. The University is an international leader with top-caliber programs in the arts, business, education and human development, health and human services, musical arts, science and technology.

There is no shortage of ways for students to unlock their potential at BGSU. With more than 325 student organizations, 40 social fraternities and sororities, 56 intramural sports and 25 sports clubs, there is something for everyone. In addition to clubs and organizations, students can be a part of the fun by visiting the Student Recreation Center, which averages more than 2,000 students per weekday. 

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of a co-op, internship or practicum. The Falcon Internship Guarantee provides internships or other experiential learning activities to every incoming first-year student who has completed the Falcon Internship Preparation Program. It is also common for undergraduates to participate in research, an opportunity that is unique to BGSU.

Nearly 9,000 students participate in service-learning and/or community service projects each year at BGSU, giving them one way to stand out from the crowd. 
Leadership opportunities, personalized career planning and interactions with caring faculty are other ways students can be part of something bigger than themselves — building their resumes and their character.

Bowling Green State University focuses on providing a quality student experience that changes lives and careers. Within our supportive campus community, faculty and staff make BGSU a special place for our students and our outstanding alumni.

Evidence of our success is also found in national rankings. BGSU was named a No. 1 public university for student engagement by the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education. The Economist ranked BGSU first among public universities in Ohio for boosting former students’ earnings 10 years after college. Business Insider ranks BGSU the most affordable top-quality college in Ohio.

Standard Documents

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M160-00_21_13.EB-Instructions_to_Bidders_GC_10.28.19.pdf (232 KB)
OFCC Instructions to Bidders
M140-00_45_13-Bidders_Qualifications.pdf (13.9 KB)
Bidder Qualification Form
M140-00_45_39-EDGE_Affidavit_fillable.pdf (27 KB)
EDGE Affidavit Form
C190-00_52_14-Subcontract_Form.docx (40 KB)
Subcontract Agreement
M160-00_71_00-Contracting_Definitions_GC.pdf (60.4 KB)
Contracting Definitions
M160-00_72_13-General_Conditions_GC.pdf (586 KB)
General Conditions
M140-00_73_43-Wage_Rate_Requirements (003).pdf (99.4 KB)
Prevailing Wage Rate Requirements
M160-00 73 00_13_BGU-2019-FEB-Supplementary_Conditions_GC.pdf (134 KB)
BGSU Supplementary Conditions
Safety and EnvironmentalContractorRequirements.pdf (83.1 KB)
BGSU Safety and Environmental Contractor Requirements
F110-13-EDGE-Participation-GoodFaithEffort.docx (28.2 KB)
EDGE Demonstration of Good Faith (for Option B)
M140-00_43_13--Bid_Security_Form.pdf (115 KB)
Bid Security Form
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7674 The Oaks Dining - Einstein Bros Bagels
Einstein Bros Bagels branded retail foodservice renovation of existing Dunkin Donuts located in ‘The Oaks Dining’ facility. Existing Dunkin Donuts will be vacated and contractors will have access to entire space and parking lot to the west, adjacent to building. PREBID: 4/12/2021 @ 3:00pm Method: Zoom ( Meeting ID: 816 592 6958 Passcode: 830106
04/23/2021 06:00 PM UTC
7653 BGSU ITS Classroom Upgrades
Telecom, Audio-Visual, and general upgrades to various classroom on central campus. PREBID: March 29, 2021 at 9:30am Method: Zoom ( Meeting ID: 816 592 6958 Passcode: 830106 WALKTHROUGH: March 29th, 2021 @ 1:30pm-4:00pm Meeting Location: Olscamp Hall Room 106 ADDENDUM 1 (and 1A) POSTED 4/2/2021! ADDENDUM 2 (and 2A) POSTED 4/7/2021!
04/12/2021 03:00 PM UTC
7654 SRC Area C2 Roof Replacement
SRC Area C2 Roof Replacement Prebid: 3/23/2021 @ 3:00pm via Webex Walkthrough: 3/24/2021 at 3:00pm - in person, Ice Arena parking lot ADDENDUM #1 - POSTED 3/24/2021 ADDENDUM #2 - POSTED 3/30/2021
04/05/2021 07:00 PM UTC
7637 BGSU Veterans Memorial
Site improvements for the Veterans Memorial at Bowling Green State University, per the Contract Bidding Documents.
03/24/2021 06:00 PM UTC
REBID 7627 Kalwall Replacement / FDHS Skylight Weatherseal
Kalwall Replacement - BGSU Olscamp Hall FDHS Skylight Weatherseal- Perry Field House No Prebid/Walkthrough scheduled for the REBID
03/19/2021 06:30 PM UTC
7627 Kalwall Replacement / FDHS Skylight Weatherseal
Kalwall Replacement - BGSU Olscamp Hall FDHS Skylight Weatherseal- Perry Field House ADDENDUM #1 - ISSUED 2/19/2021! ADDENDUM #2 - ISSUED 3/3/2021!
03/08/2021 06:30 PM UTC
7617 Tucker Communications Center and Central Hall Renovations
The project scope includes minor demolition, abatement of the existing ACM floor tile throughout, minor electrical and data installations and new carpet and paint as shown on Drawings CH-1 dated 1-21-21 and Drawing TCC-1 dated 1-26-21. ADDENDUM #1 POSTED - 2/15/2021! ADDENDUM #2: POSTED 2/16/2021! ADDENDUM #3 POSTED - 2/19/2021! ADDENDUM #4 - POSTED 2/22/2021! ADDENDUM #5 - POSTED 2/23/2021! ADDENDUM #6 - POSTED 2/24/2021! Milestones include: Substantial completion of Tucker Communications Center by 5-5-21 Substantial Completion of Central Hall (Base Bid) by 5-21-21 Substantial Completion of Central Hall Alternate A by 6-24-21
03/01/2021 08:30 PM UTC
7594 Centennial Paint and Carpet
Centennial Hall Paint and Carpet The purpose of this project is to refresh carpet and paint in the public areas and corridors in Centennial Hall. This also includes select bulkheads and ceilings on the first floor. Centennial Hall is a 5-story residence hall completed in 2010. ADDENDUM 1 - PUBLISHED 2/8/2021! ADDENDUM 2- PUBLISHED 2/9/2021!
02/15/2021 02:30 PM UTC
7545 BTSU Ballroom 202 Renovations
7545 BTSU Ballroom 202 Renovations Renovation of spaces include updating the spaces appearances, acoustics, lighting, and AV systems. Pre-Bid Conference Call on January 25, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. via Webex. Webex address is Walkthrough: A walkthrough of the project site is scheduled for January 26, 2021, 3:30pm - 5:00pm. Meet at Lot 7, Bowen-Thompson Student Union parking lot. ADDENDUM #1 - ISSUED 1/28/2021! ADDENDUM #2 - ISSUED 2/2/2021!
02/08/2021 08:00 PM UTC
AV BAA to Nursing Bid: Audiovisual systems for second and third floors of the Business Administration Building Annex (BAA) nursing simulation lab spaces, conference and skill labs. Pre-bid Meeting: 09 December 2020, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm via Webex via: Walkthrough: 09 December 2020, 3:00pm. Meeting spot is the southeast entrance to the Business Administration Annex (BAA Building). *ADDENDUM #1 POSTED 12/15/2020!
12/23/2020 06:00 PM UTC
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