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The City of Hammond, LA

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RFP 23-08 On site Fire Truck Maintenance and Repair Service as needed
On site Fire Truck Maintenance Services
05/17/2022 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 22-28 Fire Training Tower
The work covered by these specifications shall include furnishing all plant, labor, supervision, materials, equipment, and incidentals that may be required to complete the construction of Fire Training Tower, City of Hammond, Louisiana. Including Steel Cargo Containers and erection of tower.
05/17/2022 04:00 PM UTC
RFQ Qualifications for Hammond Northshore Regional Airport Runway 18/36 Pavement Rehabilitation Design/Assessment
The City of Hammond is requesting submittal of qualifications from engineering firms interested in designing the rehabilitation plan Hammond Northshore Regional Airport Runway 18/36 Pavement Rehabilitation Design/Assessment for the pavement associated
05/27/2022 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 23-10 Provide Utility Billing Services
The successful contractor must have the capability to perform all services required to print, stuff and mail an estimated 7000+ water and sewer bills and approximately 6 inserts annually. These services include, but are not limited to, printing, folding, sorting, inserting, sealing, validating, preparing, transporting to a USPS facility if necessary, to allow for mailing in a timely manner.
06/06/2022 03:00 PM UTC
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Closed Solicitations

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RFP 22-27 Replace (2) 20 Ton Trane HVAC Units
Contact: Jana Thurman The purpose of the Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit competitive proposals from qualified heating, ventilation, and air conditioning vendors with experience in providing services for the following buildings: The replacement Trane Systems must be the same or the exact equivalent.
05/16/2022 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 23-06 Frozen Dinners Delivered
Contact: Jana Thurman Breakfast Entrees, Lunch/Dinner Entrees pre-prepared frozen entrée will be packaged in individual servings as prescribed within this RFP. Each meal will be portioned onto dual microwave-safe/oven-safe food containers (partitioned containers will be used where appropriate) that are hermetically sealed with poly film. Frozen Entrees will be delivered bi-weekly.
05/11/2022 03:00 PM UTC
Drainage & Sidewalk Improvements [FY2022]
Installation of about 2,790 LF of new 6' thick PC Concrete sidewalks (5' wide) in various locations throughout the City of Hammond, along with sub-surface drainage associated with the sidewalk work; installation of about 8,160 LF of new storm drain pipes (8 - 30" diameter) and 151 Ea drainage catch basins in several locations; and paving and related work as called for on the drawings, indicated on the Bid Form, or reasonably implied
04/28/2022 03:00 PM UTC
Installation of a paved parking area in the 300 block of SW Railroad Avenue, (2" hot asphaltic concrete over 6" thick limestone base), with barrier curb, parking lot striping, miscellaneous PC concrete paving, 12 EA double hose-bib assemblies, buried water lines; and associated demolition work, grading, and related work as called for on the drawings, indicated on the Bid Form, or reasonably implied. "Additive Alternate No. 1" is included to add hot asphaltic concrete paving at the new Jackson Park parking lot.
04/19/2022 06:30 PM UTC
Jackson Park Basketball Court
Installation of a new basketball court (70' x 100' metal building &slab-canopy only) ) with non–skid surfacing and court markings, 8’ High perimeter fencing. 4 basketball goals (posts, backboards, & rims); 22 vehicle limestone parking area with 2 EA paved HAC parking spaces; and associated demolition work, drainage, grading, and related work as called for on the drawings, indicated on the Bid Form, or reasonably implied.
04/19/2022 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 23-05
Project Name: Janitorial Services for the City of Hammond Contact: Jana Thurman
04/19/2022 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 23-04
Project Name: Landscape Maintenance Services Contact: Jana Thurman
04/11/2022 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 23-03
Project Name: Ready Mix Concrete-Annual Contract Contact: Jana Thurman
04/08/2022 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 23-01
Project Name: Annual Chlorine Cylinders for Water Wells Contact: Jana Thurman
04/05/2022 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 23-02
Project Name: F.R.A. TRACK, SIGNAL AND BRIDGE INSPECTION Contact: Jana Thurman
04/04/2022 03:00 PM UTC
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