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Furnish dumpsters, provide labor, equipment and materials to collect and dispose of Garbage and Trash at various City of Hammond locations.
06/01/2023 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 24-05 Fire and Police Department Uniforms
It is the intent of the City of Hammond to secure pricing on the Annual Uniforms for Public Safety (i.e. the City of Hammond Fire and Police Departments). Proposal prices will be for the purchase of the uniforms used by these two departments. No specific quantities are given or guaranteed. All uniform orders will be placed on an "as needed" basis. This contract shall remain in effect for a period of twelve (12) months from Proposal award date. Contingent upon the ability of the successful proposer to honor the quoted proposed prices, the City reserves the right to renew the existing contract for an additional two twelve (12) month periods.
05/31/2023 03:00 PM UTC
Installation of sub-surface drainage improvements at 8 locations within the corporate limits of Hammond, including about 8,284 LF of storm drain pipes (8"/12" to 36" diameter), 140 EA catch basins; installation of about 980 SY of 5'W x 6" thick PC concrete sidewalks; removal/replacement of about 1,950 SY of 6" th PCC driveways and 8" th PCC street pavements; 8,700 SY of slab-sod; and related work including limestone (500 TN), imported Backfill (700 CY); pavement sawcut (2,950 LF); limestone rip-rap (40 SY); excavation of Type I and Type II ditches (1,300 LF); construction/traffic signage; miscellaneous sitework & erosion control; and related work as called for on the drawings, indicated on the Bid Form, or reasonably implied. Contract Term: 365 calendar days; Construction Cost Estimate: $1,800,000
04/27/2023 03:00 PM UTC
Installation of about 2,200 SY of SW x 6" thick PC concrete sidewalks at 4 locations within the corporate limits; construction/traffic signage; miscellaneous sitework & erosion control; and related work as called for on the drawings, indicated on the Bid Form, or reasonably implied. Contract Term: 120 calendar days; Construction Cost Estimate: $289,570.00
04/20/2023 03:00 PM UTC
RFQ Engineering Services for a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey and Sanity Sewer Rehabilitation
Request for Qualifications are being sought for engineering services, including basic design and engineering services, RPR services, laboratory/testing/QC/QA services, and permitting associated with both SSES and sanity sewer rehabilitation.
04/14/2023 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 24-03 Employee Rental Uniforms & Services
The City of Hammond is seeking proposals for uniform rental services. This contract is intended for routine and continuous usage. Furnish brand new never worn pants, shirts, shop towels and fender covers to be picked up and laundry on a weekly basis.
04/10/2023 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 24-01 Limestone
Limestone delivered as needed
04/05/2023 03:00 PM UTC
Provide Annual Requirements of 99.5% Liquid Chlorine in Cylinders from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024, delivered F.O.B. Hammond, Louisiana.
04/05/2023 02:00 PM UTC
RFP 23-47 Chevy Well Rehabilitation
Project consist of removing the existing 2 Aurora split case pumps and motors. Installing 2 new CR255-1 A-G-A-E-HQQE pumps. Contractor to provide all labor and materials for installation of pumps, pipe fittings and electrician to tie in new pumps to existing booster VFDs.
03/28/2023 03:00 PM UTC
RFP 23-49 City of Hammond Recycling Collection Services
Contractor provides the 30-yard roll-off dumpster and empties the dumpster as needed, up to three (3) times per month. The base service will consist of the Contractor collecting, hauling and processing recyclable materials from this single-stream drop-off location to an appropriate material recycling facility or facilities, depending on the type of recyclables collected and processed. Contractor will submit monthly reports and/or tickets documenting the total volume of recyclables collected and accepted at the processing facility and whether any recyclables were refused due to contamination and what quantity was transported to the landfill.
03/15/2023 03:00 PM UTC
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