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Fresno County Department of Public Works and Planning

2220 Tulare Street 7th Floor, Fresno , CA 93721
(559) 600-9908

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20-S-02 Animal Control Center
The Work consists of the construction of a new Administrative Office, Kennel Building and Intake Building with a detached Shade Structure and, Associated Site Work as shown on the Drawings.
08/27/2020 09:00 PM UTC
20-05-C Laton Pedestrian and Drainage Improvements
The work to be done consists, in general of widening existing roads and constructing new sidewalk, curb and gutters along Bliss, Murphy, Fowler, and Gonser Avenues, relocating several water meters and potable lateral water lines, and removal of 13 trees. A Hot Mix Asphalt walkway will be constructed along Latonia Avenue. In addition, a flashing pedestrian crossing sign will be installed on Fowler Avenue and Latonia Avenue. A new storm drainage system (i.e. drain inlet, manholes and storm drainage pipe) will also be installed and connected to the existing system. Two concrete culverts ("A" Ditch and Grant Canal) will be widened to accommodate the pedestrian sidewalk and improve safety. An existing sewer pipeline under the culverts will need to be modified as part of the project. The County of Fresno affirms that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation. Bidders are advised that, as required by federal law, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirements are included in Section 2, "Bidding," under subsection 2-1.12 "Disadvantaged Business Enterprises”. The DBE Contract Goal is 11% percent. Federal Project Number: ATPL-5942(275)
09/03/2020 09:00 PM UTC
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20-07-C Road Maintenance Rehabilitation Account Asphalt Concrete Overlays
The work to be done consists, in general, of furnishing and placing hot mix asphalt (HMA) type A overlay on various existing roads in Fresno County. The base bid will require the placement of hot mix asphalt overlay over approximately 5.40 miles of roadway. An additional 2.36 miles of roads are included as additive bids.
08/13/2020 09:00 PM UTC
20-06-C Lost Lake Nature Trail
The work to be done consists, in general, of improving accessibility and surface durability for approximately 3,100 feet of existing trail. The trail will be lined with decomposed granite. The project will include minor grading, improving delineation of the trail, and the improvement of a portion of the trail to ensure Americans with Disabilities Act compliant accessibility between the trailhead parking area and a structure that is utilized as a classroom, approximately 120 feet from the parking area.
08/06/2020 09:00 PM UTC
19-S-04 Fresno County Sheriff Area 2 Substation
The work to be done consists of construction of a new Sheriff Substation, a Vehicle and Evidence Storage building, parking lot and associated site improvements. The project consists of steel-framed, single-story buildings of approximately 22,700 square feet for the Sheriff Substation and 35,520 square feet for the Vehicle and Evidence Storage building on a site of approximately 6.5 acres. Restricted to pre-qualified bidders.
06/25/2020 09:00 PM UTC
19-09-C Fresno Canal At McKinley Avenue Bridge Replacement
The work to be done consists, in general, of removing and replacing the existing Fresno Canal Bridge on McKinley Avenue with a new single span bridge 61’-0” in length, 32’-0” wide to meet current standard. The new bridge will be located along the same road alignment with slightly higher profile. The new bridge construction consists of installation of cast-in-place concrete deck and concrete barriers over voided PC/PS concrete slab girders, abutments, concrete piles, concrete channel lining and rock slope protection. The project will also reconstruct a total of 467-feet length of AC bridge approach roadways. Four new canal access roads will be constructed at different alignments with AB on top of compacted soil to replace the abandoned ones. Full street closure is required during construction, and a detour will be provided. BRIDGE NO. 42C0686 FEDERAL PROJECT NUMBER: BRLO-5942(225) CONTRACT NUMBER: 19-09-C
06/12/2020 09:00 PM UTC
19-13-C Recorder's Office Offsite Parking Lot: Merced and L St, Fresno, CA
The work to be done consists, in general, of reconstruction of an existing parking lot. The project includes the removal of approximately .43 acres of asphalt concrete pavement and the demolition of all other features of the existing parking lot. The lot will be repaved and new parking lot striping, lighting, fencing, automated gates, and valley gutters will be constructed.
06/04/2020 09:00 PM UTC
19-18-CD (RE BID) Wastewater Treatment Improvements at the El Porvenir and Cantua Creek Facilities
This project requires work at two different County Service Area (CSA) wastewater treatment plants (WWTP); CSA 30 - El Porvenir and CSA 32 - Cantua Creek. The work to be done consists, in general, of adding a bar screen structure (headworks), replacing the aeration system (furnished by the owner), installing a flow metering system, and other appurtenant work at each of the WWTPs as shown in the plans and specifications. Furthermore, the project requires repairing the pond liner and regrading the levee adjacent to the aeration pond at CSA 30.
05/14/2020 09:00 PM UTC
19-08-C Auberry Road/Copper Avenue Traffic Signal Installation
The work to be done consists, in general, of installing traffic signal facilities and left turn phasing, including, but not limited to, standards, signal heads, controller, electrical service equipment, conduits, loop detectors, and wiring at the intersection of Copper Road and Auberry Avenue. Pavement widening, reconstruction, signing, striping and pavement markings will also be done. The work also includes the installation of conduit which must be approved by PG&E. FEDERAL PROJECT NUMBER: HSIPL-5942(241) CONTRACT NUMBER: 19-08-C
04/16/2020 09:00 PM UTC
19-20-C Slurry Seals
The work to be done consists, in general, of placing a slurry seal of asphaltic emulsion and sand mixture on various existing roads in Fresno County. The base bid will require the placement of slurry seal on 22.78 miles of roadway, and additive bids include an additional 3.88 miles of roadway. Other items or details not mentioned herein that are required by the plans, Standard Specifications or these special provisions shall be performed, constructed, furnished or installed.
04/14/2020 09:00 PM UTC
19-21-C Bituminous Seal Coats
The work to be done consists, in general, of furnishing and placing screenings over asphaltic emulsion at various existing roads in Fresno County. The seal coat will be constructed on 19.97 miles of roadway on County roads. County forces will repair, trim, and blade heavy dirt deposits and vegetation from the existing surfacing in advance of construction.
04/02/2020 09:02 PM UTC
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