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P320-20141 North Point Parking Lot Revetment
Breakwater Construction; 575 Linear Feet of Stone Revetment, and 37,100 SF (0.85 AC) of fill material (stone) placed into Lake Michigan to maintain a revetment for the purpose of erosion control at the North Point Parking Lot next to Bradford Beach. Optional Pre-Bid Meeting: Wednesday, November 29th, 2023 at 10AM. Meet outside at the North Point Parking Lot near the Concession Stand (Moosa’s). This onsite walkthrough and meeting on Monday is for contractors to visualize project. This meeting is to explain requirements and ask questions.
12/06/2023 08:00 PM UTC
WP0713: KK River Parkway Roadway Rehabilitation Kinnickinnic River Parkway 43rd - 51st Street
Work of the project includes milling the existing asphalt pavement, re-grading, and providing new asphalt pavement, provide new concrete curb and gutter, remove and provide concrete sidewalk and curb ramps, and replace storm sewer covers indicated in the project Bid documents.
12/06/2023 08:00 PM UTC
WZ0185: Zoo Humboldt Penguin Exhibit Enhancement
The Milwaukee County Zoo in partnership with Gilbane Building Company will be renovating and expanding the existing Humboldt Penguin Exhibit located at the main entrance of the Zoo. This project will consist of a pool expansion from the existing 10,000 gallons increasing in size to 30,000 gallons (approx.). Included in this expansion is full 100% replacement/upgrade of Life Support System for increased water circulation/purification, increased visitor themed viewing experience (large viewing window) and the incorporation of shade structures for life betterment of the penguins. Pre-Bid Meeting: December 1, 2023 from 8am - 10am. Meet at Zoo Penguin Exhibit. Request for Information: Contact Josh Stenz in writing with formal email questions at with a copy to John Teppler at EMAIL SUBJECT MUST BE "MCZ - WZ0185" * Addendum posted November 28th (bid price forms) * Pre-Bid RFI Round 1 due November 29th * Addendum posted December 4th (shall include pre-bid meeting sign in sheet * Pre-Bid RFI Round 2 December 5th * Addendum posted December 7th (Final)
12/08/2023 06:00 PM UTC
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Closed Solicitations

Number Deadline
9525-21405-06: 2021 Time and Material Zoological Gardens
Contract 6: General Construction
07/14/2021 07:00 PM UTC
9525-21405-07: 2021 Time and Material Zoological Gardens
Contract 7: Metal Fabrication
07/14/2021 07:00 PM UTC
9525-21405-08: 2021 Time and Material Zoological Gardens
Contract 8: Plumbing
07/14/2021 07:00 PM UTC
9525-21405-09: 2021 Time and Material Zoological Gardens
Contract 9: Roofing
07/14/2021 07:00 PM UTC
M051-20160: MPM - North Stairwell Structural Wall Repair - Phase 2
Contract 1: Bid Package 1 1. Water penetration in the stairway vestibule and stairwell has caused corrosion resulting in loss of section properties of the supporting angle. Though not visible, the anchors for this area are suspected for being corroded as well. Cracks in the wall adjacent to the vestibule door are likely due to shifting of the slab above the door and poor placement of reinforcement at the door jamb/header interface. The anchors supporting the mezzanine floor slab above the ground level men's toilet room are failing, likely due to a combination of inadequate embedment of anchors and minor shifting of the slab relative to the north wall. 2. Provide a new structural support for the MacArthur Square slab above stairway vestibule and stairwell. Replacing the existing deteriorated supporting angle as the means of primary structural support. 3. New waterproofing is required of the MacArthur Square slab to stop water penetration into the stairway vestibule and stairwell. 4. To provide a new means of support for the mezzanine floor slab above the ground level Men's Toilet Room. Pre-Bid Meeting: May 10, 2021 at 1:30 P.M at Milwaukee Public Museum, 800 West Wells Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233, Student Lunchroom-Ground Level.
05/19/2021 07:00 PM UTC
P628-17635-03: Brown Deer Park Roadway Reconstruction
Contract 1: Roadway Reconstruction (Phase 3) Work consists of reconstructing the perimeter road (loop drive), west lot, east lot, new share-use path, new on-street perpendicular parking, new concrete curb and gutter, new concrete ribbon, new drainage structures and storm sewer pipes, asphalt pavement, permeable pavers, bio-filtration basins, landscaping, and LED lighting as indicated in the project Bid documents. Pre-Bid Meeting: One Pre-bid meeting will take place on April 28, 2021, at 10:30 A.M., at the Brown Deer Park Golf Clubhouse, 7625 N. Range Line Road, Milwaukee, WI 53209. Meeting will also be available over Microsoft Teams Meeting/call in (by invite only). Request invite via email or phone for Teams Meeting/call in to Clifton Janssen at or 414-639-8429.
05/12/2021 07:00 PM UTC
C225-20183 - Courthouse Light Court #3 & Phase 2 Facade Repair
Contract 1: Bid Package 1 Window replacement in Light Court #3 shall be limited to only the south elevation, which will be base-bid work. This entails removal of existing window systems, disassembling of the existing exterior ductwork as needed for window removal, and structural support of existing exterior ductwork directly penetrating existing window openings on the south elevation of Light Court #3 only. At existing openings, a new window replacement will be installed within the existing opening. After it is in-place the existing ductwork shall be re-assembled and new ductwork supports added and/or repair of existing of existing ductwork supports as detailed. Part - 1 base bid work shall be limited to the south elevation of Light Court #3. Part - 2: Courthouse Limestone Facade Repair - phase 2 encompasses the following the base-bid work: Area of Work 1: North Elevation Replace built-in copper gutter at sixth floor cornice. Replace damaged cornice stones at sixth-floor cornice as designated by A/E. Refer to sheet A300. Refer to photo no.1/A501. Area of work 2: (Low) Northeast Corner Rebuild brick and limestone cladding at corner. Refer to details 1 and 5/A301. Area of work 3: (High) Northeast Corner Cornice Salvage and reset displaced stones at cornice. Similar to details on sheet A302. Refer to details 6 and 7/A301. Area of Work 4: (Low) Southeast Corner Rebuild brick and limestone cladding at corner. Refer to detail 2 and 5/A301. Area of Work 5: (High) Southeast Corner Cornice Salvage and reset displaced stones at cornice. Similar to details on sheet A302. Refer to photo 7/A501 Area Work 6: Built-in Gutter Replacement Replace built-in gutter and associated sealants at sixth floor and seventh floor cornices at east elevation. Refer to details 1 and 2/A303. Pre-Bid Meeting: 633 W. Wisconsin Avenue - Room 730, Milwaukee, WI 53203. Todd M. Beamer Memorial Training Center on April 14, 2021 at 1:30 PM.
04/28/2021 07:00 PM UTC
Service Agreement for High Voltage Maintenance
Service Agreement 1. High Voltage Maintenance
04/21/2021 07:00 PM UTC
5739-21406-01 County Grounds - Roofing
Contract 1, Roofing
04/21/2021 07:00 PM UTC
5725-21422 Service Agreement for Card Access
Service Agreement 1. Card Access Service and Maintenance
04/21/2021 07:00 PM UTC
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